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Product code (SKU): 12-1003

LED light installation LED1270 (RGBWY, 36W, 7 lenses) - the next generation of lighting equipment. The work is based on the use of LED light-emitting diodes as light emitters, which opens up new possibilities in porstroenii svetorogo series. Equipment for LED light-emitting diodes are much more economical their predshestvinnikov, and it saves on electricity.

UAH 6 273.00

Today the equipment built in LED light-emitting diodes, light equipment could replace incandescent lamps and metal halide. According to the illumination power LED equipment is not inferior light devices for discharge lamps, and for all the rest of the parameters (network load, efficiency, heat dissipation, life of) the equipment on the LEDs are equal and parallel in the near future is foreseen. LEDs are firmly established in all areas of human activity, and it is not nor could not touch the professional entertainment industry.

Correctly chosen quality LED lighting equipment will help you organize and host such a show, which for a long time will not be able to forget the presence of spectators.

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