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Product code (SKU): 12-1002

                Laser unit LS-AP1000RGB (RGB, 1000mW, ILDA) - animation programmable laser station is controlled from a PC via ILDA interface. Sumarno Laser Laser Power is 1000mW. Vysokoskostnoy optical scanner 10kpss. 128 embedded images and effects. Buy with delivery and warranty

UAH 10 904.00
Product code (SKU): 12-1006

           Laser system LS-AP1500RGB (RGB, 1500mW, ILDA) - animation programmable laser station is controlled from Animation laser machine, programmable via PC LS-AP1500RGB (RGB, 1500mW, ILDA) has broad capabilities for creating a laser show. Full-color laser beams by mixing the three beams (red, green, and blue), high-speed optical scanner (25kpss), large scan angle, 128 built-in images and effect it.

UAH 23 200.00
Product code (SKU): 12-1001

LS-AP350RGB Multicolor (350mW RGB ILDA) animation laser with full color animation, and high-speed sensor. By connecting the laser system to a personal computer, you can create your own animations for presentations and laser shows.

UAH 13 442.00
Product code (SKU): 12-1004
UAH 56 763.00
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Modern LIGHTS allow you to create unique in scale and quality of the illuminative show, using all possible combinations of devices such as spotlights, light heads, lasers and the like. In this case, you can use any color, saturation and vary napolnjaemostju. No modern event, ranging from a modest presentation of ending large-scale festival is complete without a quality of light. But! How to tell the designers, in any action has to be the highlight. Our equipment is able to perform this function!

               Fireworks today will be surprised even at a birthday party, but imagine: in a holiday sky, on a passing cloud, and all guests will be able to read the name of the hero of the day with their compliments, traced by the laser. Beautifully! Outside the box? Impressive!

               Or, take for example the presentation of the brand. A poster, made with paint through a stencil - it is not even past! Our equipment is able to realize any of your imagination, "Happy Birthday favorite plant" - on the front wall 500m long - it's not a problem, names and animated logos, patrons and sponsors of the concert - just select the plane and bright laser projector logo on our website and you 'll be two steps ahead of your competition. These projectors are often used to advertise products and services as well as the first to brand advertising.

              Our laser systems are controlled and programmed from a computer (PC or laptop) and can work with different software, such as Quickshow, LD2000, iShow, Mamba Black, Phoenix, and so on. Using special controllers convert the digital signal to ilda-signal (analog), you can create animated laser light range of any complexity and translate their ideas into practice at any required moment. Animation laser systems and projectors - this is a step forward in the field of advertising and laser show any complexity. Do not miss this time - be the first!

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