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Laser advertising. Laser equipment for promotional products.

Laser advertising is a new form of advertising that has recently attracted particular interest in people. It is believed that such advertising provides maximum attention of potential customers. Against the background of the laser beams slogan or company logo looks particularly impressive. Quite often, as advertising spend their laser show. Typically, they are held in night clubs and at parties . Throughout the show infomercial company is projected on a special screen or any other surface . As practice shows , advertising any product , carried out by a laser show, is remembered for a long time and provides a lot of positive emotions. Increasingly, laser equipment is used in the advertising industry.

Among the advantages of laser systems can be distinguished . In - First, these systems are characterized by mobility. The need to mount the screen is missing . In - the second , the size of the projected image can be adjusted , depending on the design features of the terrain or the facade of the building. Projectors are used for laser show, a number of reasons not suitable for laser points advertising equipment . The fact is that these devices do not have the necessary speed display and radiative power. In addition, many believe that the high cost of laser equipment for the show is justified. Fixed installations for advertising and equipment for laser shows are directed to perform different tasks.

Laser projector for outdoor advertising , as a rule, have a higher capacity than the setting for dance clubs, and at the same time, the former have a higher price. Structurally, disco lasers such as lasers and for advertising. Laser systems for discotheques used in enclosed spaces , thus ensuring the normal brightness.

Lasers for commercial use in open spaces to produce images on buildings, homes, sloping roofs and billboards. In order to adjust the brightness was higher plant must be equipped with a high power laser (not less than 300 mW green laser is not less than 2 watts RGB lasers). When laser should consider the color of the surface on which the image is located. The lighter the surface, the image will be brighter.

It is also worth noting that the use of laser projectors have temperature limitations. At temperatures below 10 degrees the device does not turn on, and at +40 degrees is electronically protection, which also turns off the projector . By installing such equipment in the street , you can use sealed boxes, in which are embedded heating elements and electronic temperature control . Such systems typically are not cheap . Many owners of the laser systems have resorted to the next trick. In cold weather, they set the laser projector indoors, the image is projected through the glass. In order to avoid loss of optical power, you should regularly monitor the cleanliness of the glass.

Consultation on the application of laser equipment is desirable to obtain from experts.

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