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How to arrange your own laser show?  RSS 2.0

How to arrange your own laser show?

With a laser show can make the activities be bright and colorful festival, with original special effects and congratulations. Various graphic images that are created using laser systems, can be not only static, but also mobile. Laser show can be done both indoors and outdoors. It all depends on the features and requirements.

Key recommendations for the organization of their own light or a laser show.

1. Arrange their own light and laser show without special equipment is impossible, so you need to pre-buy or take it on rent. When buying a laser system should pay particular attention to the power of the device and the possibility of forming an image from a few colors, there are laser systems that use only one color.

2. If it is possible, it is best to order quality service professionals who work with this equipment. Professionals can create high-quality show-effects and make any holiday or event in an exciting adventure. Together with them necessarily think through the show program, such as a children's holiday to be the most appropriate image of cartoon characters for a corporate party - the most in demand and production company logos, and during the show at the wedding - romantic images and colors.

3. Be sure to consider the question, will focus on what the images created from the laser beams. During the presentation, the room usually use the walls and ceiling, but the image remains flat. As a way you can use a grid-projection screen on which to project images and a laser show.

4. In order to obtain three-dimensional images using the laser station, often used generator harmless smoke. Special smoke does not create discomfort for the audience, and the picture painted by laser installation are bulky and almost alive. Laser show very impressive looks in outdoor environments, but it also needs a projection surface, but smoke often use natural conditions, such as rain, snow or fog. If it is possible, can be used as a projection surface water: artificial rain, water wall fountains.

5. During the laser show the important role played quality music, much of it, and the overall success will depend on a laser show. While important is not only the quality of the sound, but the timing and rhythm of the music image formed by laser beams.

6. For any special occasions, you can use greetings as scrolling text. Skipping a running line several times in the evening at the right time, you can achieve a good impression of the holiday. It is very important that the surface projection was stable (wall or screen), the font can greatly distorted.

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